Lake Pedder, Lake Gordon, Gordon Dam and South West National Park World Heritage Area

Lake Pedder by Graham Pettigrove

Lake Pedder by Graham Pettigrove

South West National Park – World Heritage Area

A majestic wild, rugged landscape that contains the tallest flowering plants in the world, alpine meadows, temperate rainforest, deep limestone caves and raging rivers.

The South West is the place for experienced walkers with a range of challenging climbs from a five hour return to Mount Wedge, a 10 hour return walk up to the top of Mount Anne, or a 10 to 12 day trek along the Western Arthur traverse.

If you prefer your wilderness to be a little more accessible, there is an excellent road straight through it from Maydena, which has the Styx Forest to the left, the Florentine to the right and Lake Pedder and the Gordon Dam an hour and fifteen minutes in front of you. About halfway to Strathgordon is a road to Scott’s Peak Dam, with a spectacular view of Lake Pedder. (This road is unsealed)

The Gordon Dam is also the site of Australia’s longest vertical abseil. (See activities page for details).


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